News and Analysis (9/28/11)

“I honestly don’t see myself as a hero…  I never had to stand alone in this” — says one of the Irvine 11; “He was just doing his job,” says the father of another. “He’s not the first one and he’s not going to be the last one”:

“[I]f we can’t live a decent and dignified life, we’d rather die”:

The politics of exclusion: Sixty “[p]olitical parties have been pressuring the army council to base the vote exclusively on the party-based proportional list system, saying allowing individuals to seek election would enable remnants of the ousted regime to use money and tribalism to win in polls due to start in November”:

“What is and isn’t allowed is debated within the Muslim community. But those who seek a matchmaker’s help tend to steer clear of anything resembling dating and to avoid meeting one another without a chaperone.They avoid “parents’ methods as too traditional” but are “more comfortable seeking help from a go-between than online matrimonial sites or singles’ events held at mosques under the guise of ‘networking'”:

Neither restrictions on proslytizating nor their own miserable track record deters these Muslim missionaries; the approximately 20 annual Israeli Jewish converts to Islam tend to be women seeking Muslim husbands; says one 20-year old, “The Muslims greeted me with love I never got from my parents, and the women here say, ‘You’re one of us now'”:

“Amnesty International condemned the insurgents for targeting civilians in the conflict, saying such attacks constitute war crimes. It said noncombatants have accounted for two-thirds of the nearly 5,000 deaths reported during the insurgency in the past eight years”:

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