News and Analysis (9/29/11)

The “doctors have repeatedly denied the charges [of terrorism], which they say were created by the authorities to punish medical staff for treating people who took part in anti-government protests”:

“The top demand of the protesters was to end the emergency law that allowed authorities to arrest Egyptians for no reason. Instead, the council has expanded that law. It has arrested more than 10,000 people and tried them in hasty military proceedings, practices that critics say are human rights abuses”:

“‘Before one year ago I would have seen you and thought ‘infidel.’ But in the past year, we have studied the Quran closely and reinterpreted some of the verses and have come up with new views. We believe that everyone is equal like brothers. The Christians especially are closest to Muslims”:

“Criticised by religious groups – Muslim and Christian alike – the law bans religious ceremonies in all state institutions and requires religious groups and missionaries to re-register with the government”:

Following U.S. accusations that some in the Pakistani government have aided anti-U.S. militants, Congress is re-evaluating its 2009 promise to triple non-military aid to Pakistan to a total of $7.5 billion over five years … on top of billions in security assistance provided since 2001, which Washington is also rethinking”:

“Walid al-Amari, a leading activist from the youth revolution committee, told the AFP news agency that young people are planning” a peaceful march on Thursday to the president’s residence, adding that “they have asked the leadership of the defected First Armoured “Division not to provide any armed protection that could provoke Saleh loyalists”:

“Blackburn’s ruling was mostly consistent with decisions from other states with the exception of her allowing Alabama’s ‘stop and ask’ provision, which lets police request people’s immigration papers”:

“The sentence is believed to be the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia that has not involved a violation of Islamic law.” it has since been “reported that King Abdullah had intervened to revoke the sentence”:

“The alleged attack would have represented a rare attempt to strike the United States with a technology that successive administrations have deployed against suspected terrorists and insurgents in a half-dozen countries, ranging from Afghanistan to Yemen, over the past decade”:

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