News and Analysis (1/13/08)

Concerns over identity security and privacy have civil libertarians and some state governments resisting new standards for a national ID card:

DNI Mike McConnell’s says waterboarding would be torture “if used against him, or if someone under interrogation was taking water into his lung”:

Iran’s Supreme Leader makes a defiant speech directed at US regional policy and the UN’s nuclear watchdog announces “outstanding questions” on Iran’s activities will be answered in a month…

…meanwhile Bush continues to put pressure on Iran by hyping up the recent naval incident in the Persian Gulf and accusing it of “being the world’s one number sponsor of terrorism”:

Iraqi parliament bill meant to ease restrictions on de-Baathification laws makes only incremental changes:

Army-backed caretaker government formally charges Ex-PM Sheikh Hasina with corruption:

“”The original Islamic movement spread its doctrine by a combination of military action and compassion. Charity was a key tenet…. That ingredient is missing in the al-Qaeda/Taliban approach to the world. To them, winning hearts and minds means, ‘Agree with us or else.’” – Gary Anderson, George Washington University lecturer


Alejandro Beutel is program assistant for the Minaret of Freedom Institute with expertise in religious freedom, democratization and security issues.






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