News and Analysis (11/15/19)

Social media and right-wing nationalist actions before and during the verdict, contradict government call for respect afterward:

After “he spoke about his conservative principles, his background, his experience[,] … he was faced with a barrage of questioning which was factored around … one thing alone, and that was his religion and his race”:

A lecture on Islamic universal values of mercy, compassion, and peace was delivered at the University of Cambridge:

The coercion was “punishment for laughing,” after which the boy “wept in his mothers arms later that day and no longer wants to practice his faith at school. according to the complaint”:

“[T]he day Trump instituted the travel ban and Americans from all walks of life fought back against it was doubly profound: it’s the day I stopped hiding”:

“College Board officials said Wednesday that tests planned for May 13 of that year — the expected date of the Eid holiday — would be given a second time on May 18, to support students observing the holiday”:

Durable peace between Israel and Palestine hinges on justice to the Palestinians:

Muslims in Bangkok get satisfaction and peace of mind in shariah compliant hotels:

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