News and Analysis (10/20/11)

Now that they have killed him, the rebels have dropped claims that Gaddafi fled the country:

Islamophobic claims to the contrary force the leading American council of Islamic jurisprudence issues a legal opinion stating what was obvious to almost all Muslims:

“Eugene Volokh, a UCLA law professor, said that … the constitutionality of the law seems to be settled, but there’s a chance the California or U.S. Supreme Court will want to revisit the question”:

“The newly-formed Islamist parties, known as Salafists and who follow strict teachings of Islam, pulled out of the Democratic Alliance to protest their small showing on the alliance’s electoral list, saying Brotherhood candidates monopolised it”:

“The Obama administration has repeatedly sidestepped questions about whether it supports the NYPD’s tactics, refusing to endorse them or to question them”:






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