News and Analysis (10/27/11)

“African, Asian or European, bareheaded or modestly garbed in flowered hijab …, these women brim not with resigned fatalism but with energy, conviction and … optimism” about refocusing on the basic objectives of the Sharia, “protection and promotion of religion (al-din), life (al-nafs), mind (al-aql), family (al-nasl), wealth (al-mal), and dignity (al-‘ird)” of both men and women:

Once praised as a reformer, then vilified as a cruel enforcer of his father’s tyranny, Seif al Islam is rumored to be demanding his day in court; is it a move to set the record straight or a ploy to escape the vengeful assassins of his brother, father, and dozens of alleged black African mercenaries?:

The “deal to release Mr Grapel was negotiated around the same time as the Shalit exchange, says the BBC’s Kevin Connolly in Jerusalem. It shows that Egypt is still capable of dealing with Israel on business-like terms”:

“A lenient prison sentence for the killers of a man whose death helped spark Egypt’s revolution has outraged Egyptians, who had hoped their uprising would wipe out the corruption and injustice symbolized by the case”:

Female comics find the Middle East (excepting Saudi Arabia) more welcoming than the United States:

For the NYPD even a stereotypical attempt at assimilation is a terrorist red flag:

“UNSC Resolution 2016 will put the NTC fully at the helm of the country and free the NTC of military and financial restrictions “:

Despite the Pope’s care to remove “any whiff of syncretism, or the combining of different beliefs and practices, … a breakaway traditionalist group that Benedict has been working to bring back into Rome’s fold, said it would be celebrating 1,000 Masses to atone for the damage done by the event and urged the pope to use it to urge others to convert to Catholicism”:






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