News and Analysis (11/20/19)

Palestinian and Israeli residents of the West Bank say the announcement of Pompeo that the United States no longer view the settlement of the West Bank illegal does nothing to change their insecurities …

… but an international backlash may have begun:

What lessons have the current anti-government protests in the Middle East, that are different and with distinct causes, learned from the 2011 Arab Revolt?

“[T]the concern isn’t merely that Iranians might communicate with one another, but also that they might communicate with the outside world and tell people what’s happening”:

Muslims make up 200 million of the total Indian population:

The Lancet refused to bow to pressure from Indian propagandists opposed to its article on the health consequences on “the suffering of civilians caught between militants and tens of thousands of Indian troops” …

… and the police “cited an ‘inappropriate post’ in which the assistant professor, whose husband is a journalist based in Kashmir, referred to the communication blackout in the Valley”:

If true, the use of live ammunition “would suggest that it is not simply the immediate trigger to the protest which was a rise in fuel prices, but…much deeper-seated problems persisting in the country”:

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