News and Analysis (12/1/11)

The FBI admits the records are kept, but denies they are used in investigations:

“Enough is enough. The government will not tolerate any incident of spilling even a single drop of any civilian or soldier’s blood”:

Salam Fayyad “hopes to be able to pay for day-to-day operations with local revenues by 2013”:

Amnesty International says that “hundreds of people had been arrested, many of them without charge or trial” and that “[p]rominent reformists had been given long sentences following trials Amnesty called “grossly unfair”:

Karzai has pardoned the woman convicted of adultery when she was unable to meet Afghanistan’s prohibitively high evidentiary requirments for accusation that the man married to her cousin had raped her;  her attorney declined comment as to whether she would reconsider her assent to a now-lifted condition that she marry her alleged assailant to avoid having to raise her daughter in prison:

As Visionaire files a lawsuit alleging that that The Learning Channel and an ex-employee stole the  series “All-American Muslim” from them …

… Marwa Helal charges that the program focuses too narrowly “only on American Shia Muslims of Lebanese descent living in Detroit” and questions “whether it represents the experience of Muslim in America in general”:

Official announcement of Egyptian “election results, already 24 hours late, has been delayed further. The Egyptian electoral commission blamed the delay on the high number of votes cast,” but unofficial reports indicate the Muslim Brotherhood is in the lead, followed by the conservative Islamists and then the liberals:

Despite Britain’s vow “to take further action against Iran and to bring other European countries on board” after Iran Released Protesters Detained in the British Embassy Attack the EU stopped short of an embargo (which would be an act of war) in favor of “sanctions on 180 other people and companies”:

“World affairs are full of inconsistency. There’s always a conflict between ideals and interests. But at this critical juncture between the West and the Muslim world, too many double standards only invite derision and charges of hypocrisy”:






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