News and Analysis (11/23/19)

As “a brief semblance of normalcy” appears to have ended in Kashmir…

… “Afghan public opinion is generally hostile to Pakistan, the position on Kashmir is … changing and not entirely favorable to New Delhi”…

The UK Permanent Representative to the UN, stressed that UK position on settlement has not changed: They are illegal under international law and present an obstacle to peace and the viability of two-state solution …

… but notwithstanding the EU statement on the illegality of the settlements, past experience suggests the aggression will continue if the law is not enforced, nor will the Palestinians cease to resist

India was among 166 nations that endorsed Palestinian “right to self-determination”, sticking to its stance towards the Palestinian cause:

Right-wing Hindu students object to a Muslim teaching Sanskrit ancient classical language of Hinduism:

“Banks and petrol stations were set ablaze as protests spread across the country and demonstrators clashed with security forces” …

… Iran’s response of shutting down the Internet has precedents in Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan, while laws to do the same have been passed in Russia but failed in the U.S.:

“There is no evidence … that … financial stress is forcing Iran to change its regional behavior”:

“A Muslim woman has been hailed as “incredibly brave” after she confronted a man over his antisemitic rant at a Jewish father and son on the Tube” …

… but, absent violence, police declined to call a woman’s berating a Muslim women for wearing ahead scarf a hate crime, only citing her for disturbing the public …

… and “a heavily pregnant Muslim woman who was repeatedly punched and stomped on during a suspected racially motivated attack in a western Sydney cafe” …

… while the French Conservative Party favors banning the veil in public:






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