News and Analysis (2/29/08)

A “TV journalist, filmmaker and Muslim, set[s] out to capture a different story:”

House members raise privacy concerns after unclassified details of classified cyber-security program go public:

Iraq’s Presidency Council approves executing “Chemical Ali”, but can’t agree on major legislation to facilitate national reconciliation, meanwhile Turkey finally withdraws its troops from northern Iraq and extremists kidnap a prominent Christian cleric in Mosul:

Despite Pakistan’s electoral mandate against Musharraf, Bush continues his failed policy of supporting the dictator:

For the first time in centuries, Egypt breaks with tradition to appoint a woman to authorize marriage and divorce contracts:

Declassified FBI documents timelining the 9/11 attacks reveal possible official Saudi connections to the hijackers:


Alejandro Beutel is program assistant for the Minaret of Freedom Institute with expertise in religious freedom, democratization and security issues.

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