News and Analysis (12/13/11)

After propagating the lie that the “Palestinian people” is a recent invention in the latest salvo of his war on Islam, Newt Gingerich should return his Ph.D. in history to Tulane University; among the critics of his absurd gaffe is an observant Orthodox Jew who is ” the first Jew to appear on a major party’s presidential ticket”:

In the wake of the violent overthrow of Ghadhafi, true Arab Spring style demonstrations begin against the secretive NTC which has refused to release the “to release the names of its members – or even confirm how many there are” and been accused of “stealing the revolution”:

Parents are accused of knowingly sending delinquent children to a “jail madrassah” where they are tortured and abused and then recruited to fight by the Taliban …

… meanwhile, a US Congressional panel freezes $700m worth of Pakistan aid as:

Canadian conservatives, progressives, and secularists all agree that Muslim women (like nudists?) should have no right to decide for themselves what they will cover in public:

“Past bills aimed at protecting women have met resistance from Islamists and other conservatives in parliament. But the latest measures were passed unanimously by both the Senate and the National Assembly and will go into effect once the president signs them”:

“If the Netherlands does outlaw the slaughtering practices that make meat kosher for Jews or halal for Muslims, it … would join Switzerland, the Scandinavian and Baltic countries, whose bans are mostly traceable to pre-World War II anti-Semitism”:

Finders keepers? Instead of turning the plane over to China, as some pundits had speculated, Iran may do its own reverse-engineering; ” “Their plane invaded Iran…. Now, instead of offering an apology to the Iranian nation, they impudently ask for the return of the plane” — Iranian Defense Minister minister, Brigadier General Ahmad Vahidi:

“The exact number of protesters being held by the authorities is unknown, but activists told the Reuters news agency that it could be as high as 1,400. In a separate development, the state news agency reported that six al-Qaeda militants had been arrested” claiming that the “militants were ‘plotting terrorist attacks’”:







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