News and Analysis (12/15/11)

Zionist extremists torch a Jerusalem mosque and scrawl grafitti like ” A good Arab is a dead Arab,” as denunciations of the closure of an access ramp to the al-Aqsa mosque compound an “’attack’ on efforts to revive the peace talks” and a “’declaration of religious war’ on Muslim holy sites in Jerusalem” is followed by a reversal of the closure:

Panetta “said the war was worth the enormous price in blood and treasure – about $750bn (£484bn), 4,500 dead, 32,000 wounded, and that’s just on the American side. Iraqi casualties are far higher, with civilian deaths well over 100,000, many more maimed and up to several million people displaced …,” so Iraqis are understandably more ambivalent:

Panetta insists “the operations were part of U.S. efforts to defend both Afghanistan and the U.S. homeland and involve ‘important intelligence operations which we will continue to pursue,’ but Karzai says that “Afghanistan doesn’t want to be involved in any “adversarial relations” between the U.S. and Iran”:

“Human Rights Watch calls for referral to the international criminal court for abuses such as ‘shoot to kill’ orders “:

“Using the slogan ‘Dilute religious consciousness, advocate a civilized healthy life style,’ the notice said the campaign’s objective was “to completely get rid of the abnormal phenomenon in the entire community of minority ethnic women and youth”:

Protesters shouted takbiir, not takfiir; still, many Muslims see Shariah4Belgium’s interruption of Irshad Manji’s lecture on Allah, Liberty and Love – The Courage to Reconcile Faith and Freedom book tour “as intimidating and aggressive. Others think that the tactic goes against Islam; [not only] the tactic of intimidating but also throwing food (eggs)”:

“If the Taliban opened an office, it would be seen as a willingness to talk peace and signal their intention to try to find a nonviolent solution to an insurgency that has cost the lives of thousands. Karzai’s comments came one day after an Indian newspaper reported that plans were being finalized for a Taliban office in the Gulf state of Qatar”:






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