News and Analysis (11/25/19)

Domestic Violence “isn’t more or less prevalent in the Muslim community” but Muslim survivors “have talked about being perpetually revictimized when they are going out to shelters”:

Jahangiri said the protesters have been pushed into violence by foreign enemies:

Internet has been partially restored in Iran after week-long shutdown over protests, the group NetBlocks said Saturday:

Pompeo’s acceptance of settlements buys into the Israeli “veneer of legality while producing a violence that ‘shed[s] every relation to law“:

The Jewish man thanked the Muslim woman saying that “without her intervention and distraction … [the anti-Semitge’s] abuse … could have escalated to physical violence”:

Omar Shakir says that Israel’s “efforts to muzzle Human Rights Watch” have “exactly the opposite effect. The world has seen through this for what it is. It’s an attack on the human rights movement” …

… In their battle for existence, all Palestinian factions will actively protest this week in “rejection of the Israeli-American settlement enterprise that aim to eliminate the Palestinian cause”:

“In India, Muslims are watching the secular democratic principles of their country crumble”:

“It remains unclear how and if the money will be paid. It could come from the United States Victims of State Sponsored Terrorism Fund”:

China’s government calls the documents “fake news”:

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