News and Analysis (12/25/11)

Zionist Christmas presents (“as many as 20 mosques and six churches have been targeted of late, not a single settler has been apprehended for the attacks”) …

… are like those of the Boko Haram:

“Syria’s Muslim Brotherhood … [says] the claim was posted on a fake website created by the regime”:

After “Security forces killed 13 people in an attack on tens of thousands of protesters peacefully marching into the capital” and Saleh’s announcemnt hat he would go to the United States “to get away from attention, cameras, and allow the unity government to prepare properly for elections”:

OIC Secretary General (SG), Prof. Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu, has praised the Muslim women role in bringing about socio-political changes in the Middle Eastern countries, assuring that his oganization was all out to provide ample opportunities for broader women social role”:

The court’s view was that since the school would have provided space for the student to pray privately, his claim to a right to pray in public was unjustified:

“[A]ngry residents in Tarhouna retaliated by torching the headquarters of some 100 fighters who helped topple the longtime leader from power … on the same day security ministers announced a program for integrating former rebels in civil institutions”:






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