News and Analysis (12/29/11)

The Egyptian military has raided the offices of at least 17 local and foreign NGO’s on the pretext that they receive foreign funding, pretending to forget that they themselves receive $1.3 billion from the U.S. government every year:

“The draft affirms that Israel’s treatment of its minorities [Muslims and Christians] within its borders should be seen by the international community as a ‘core issue, not second tier to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict’”:

The violence continues; “Why couldn’t the head of the mission be from Egypt, Morocco or the Gulf?” he told The Associated Press by phone. “That his background is military undermines his credibility. Why did not they pick someone who has a legal or rights background?”

In the 19th century, one governor called for the extermination of the Mormons, another called for the expulsion of the Jews, and a political party sparked riots resulting in the massacre of 22 Catholics; so, Muslims, welcome to the club of America’s persecuted religious minorities:

“Wednesday’s raid in Hotan ‘was an excuse for more suppression,’ said Dilxat Raxit, a spokesman for the German-based World Uyghur Congress. Dilxat said that Uighurs in the area reached by phone gave unverified accounts of a higher death toll and told him that police were confiscating mobile phones to prevent calls, messages and photos from getting out”:

“The incident threatens to spoil efforts to forge Turkish-Kurdish consensus for a planned new constitution expected to partly address the issue of rights for the Kurdish minority” as the AKP admits that “the victims were not militants and that most of the dead were cigarette smugglers under the age of 30” and insists that “by no means will these [mistakes] be covered up”:

“A threat is often, as in this case, a way to send a strategic message. Iran is responding to the bellicose rhetoric that’s emanated from the US and Israel in recent weeks by saying ‘we can make you suffer if provoked’”:

“Paradoxically, the Dayton peace agreement that ended the bloody inter-ethnic war is actually at the origin of [Bosnia’s] institutional and political problems”:






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