News and Analysis (1/12/12)

As “much about spreading terror as they are about stopping the nuclear program;” the “messages in these campaigns” are “to terrorize those who are working in” and to target “young scientists thinking of joining” Iranian nuclear development, and to threaten “the regime and population” that “We can get you anywhere, any time” …

… but, surrounded by adversaries with nuclear weapons, Iran knows how nukes saved North Korea from Iraq’s fate, and may take a different message from “mysterious cyber sabotage, drone violations of its air space, the slaying of its nuclear scientists and” explosions at military sites “Israeli and American officials are not trying too hard to conceal”:

Something on which Panetta, Karzai, the Taliban and the USMC can agree:

Because allowing Muslims and Christians to gain citizenship would be “national suicide” for the apartheid state:

She alleges “that the school failed to investigate her claims that a fellow student sexually harassed her and instead retaliated by reporting her to the FBI based on a false claim that she was a terrorist”:

Have the Shabab resorted to Israeli-style “price tags” against he invading Kenyans?

“The Islamist Justice and Development Party formed Morocco’s new government Jan. 3 promising a change to the status quo, after dominating November elections. But analysts and activists say the king’s new “shadow cabinet,” which includes some outgoing ministers, will really rule Morocco and prevent any real reform in this North African kingdom”:

“A representative from the group said they intend to stage a sit-in on the Turkish side of the border” and “the head of the Arab League, Nabil al-Arabi, has said that the organisation will ‘re-think’ its observer mission next week”:






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