News and Analysis (11/28/19)

Modeled on the Zionist project a “chilling video” advocates creating “an idyllic home for Kashmiri Pandits based on ugly and violent exclusions” that ignore “Kashmir’s plural cultures and histories”:

The Saudis have expressed “respect” for Xi Jinping, Egypt allowed Chinese police to “interrogate Uighur exiles on its soil” and Pakistan, though quick to speak out on the Rohingya and Kashmir, “has been silent” …

… but a Muslim-American group is calling for a boycott of the Olympics in China over the oppression of the Uighers:

Iran “estimated as many as 200,000 people took part in the demonstrations, higher than previous claims … [and] damaged more than 50 police stations, as well as 34 ambulances, 731 banks and 70 gas stations in the country”:

Just months after a billionaire donor to their cause “made a surprise public appearance in New York at the annual conference of United Against Nuclear Iran”, … several Iranian environmentalists were … behind bars”:

While U.S. is concerned over military escalation between Israel and Iran, Israel is worried by America’s desire to avoid being dragged into a regional war:

Would accepting that a two state solution is unattainable bring “a gestalt shift … about demography, … settlements, … Jerusalem, … U.S. foreign policy, and, … about Israel as a ‘Jewish,’ as opposed to a truly democratic, state” …

… “[U]nconditional support from the United States [is] a ‘key factor in prolonging the conflict,” facilitated by “the U.S mainstream media, which . . . favors the Israeli narrative over those of Palestinians”:

Kenneth Roth was attacked for daring to note that unlike the Saudi attacks on Yemen, the attacks on the Saudi oil fields “avoided hitting civilians”:

Tories split over the party’s insults to of Muslims:

Activists “say they want to empower women to denounce acts of discrimination that may be caused by misinterpretations of the law”:

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