News and Analysis (1/22/12)

“[A]pproval would have been required under the presidential order that Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said authorized the unusual assignment”:

Crisis of dissatisfaction with the NTC hits Benghazi:

Boko Haram escalates its carnage to new levels now claiming it now targets “anyone who opposes it, at present mainly police, the government and Christian groups”:

With Islamist victories in Egypt confirmed, Human Rights Watch warns that “Islamist parties are ‘genuinely popular’ in the Arab world” and that “ignoring that popularity would violate democratic principles” …

… but the regional changes that have given Hamas hope of an Islamic spring “have cast it adrift from its headquarters in Syria and prompted Meshal to suggest non-militarized confrontation with Israel, to the chagrin of some in the movement”:

As the split over the Arab League mission becomes sharper, the Saudis pull out:

After “delivering a farewell speech in which he asked for forgiveness and said it was time to hand over power,” a spokesman for Saleh “said he would seek medical care in the United States, then return to Yemen before presidential elections next month to head his ruling party”:






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