News and Analysis (12/1/19)

When younger she sought to reassure other Americas that she was a “safe” (i.e., non-practicing) Muslim. Now she let’s them know that she prays, tries to fast, and longs to make the pilgrimage to Mecca:

Gen. Halevi’s remark that killed nine sleeping Palestinian family members by indiscriminately bombing a shack as “such things happen” exhibits a loss of humanity and can be investigated under war crime …

… as does an Israeli soldier being sentenced to only one month’s community service for killing 16-year old Palestinian and wounded five others:

After two months of anti-government protests and the announcement of the Prime Minister’s resignation, top leaders warn of no end to chaos:

LGBTQI Muslims “don’t insist that everyone accepts … that Allah loves … [their] LGBTQI identities…. [They] do insist on … the right to live in peace, and to be afforded basic decency, courtesy, respect and consideration”:

In their effort to save the Iran nuclear deal, six European nations are in the process to join INSTEX payment mechanism that would enable companies to trade with Iran without using U.S. dollars or U.S. banks:

“In Islam, a woman’s money belongs only to her while a man is obligated to spend on his wife and children” but some modern practices make that difficult, the most unnecessary of which is that of expensive weddings”:

“The current speaker of parliament, Ali Larijani, who played a major role in the government increasing energy prices [that sparked recent unrest], has said he will not run in the election”:

Both protests and police response were initially peaceful until “youth … full of rage … took things to another level. Things started to escalate when the police started to beat people up”:

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