News and Analysis (3/15/12)

Afghanistan policy is in shambles. As the U.S. struggles with how to proceed against the mass murderer among the troops against a background of peaceful civilian anti-American protests, the Taliban launch violent attacks on the government, Afghanis as well as Obama and Cameron look for rapid withdrawal and Panetta calls for business as usual:

Parti Québécois engages in a disinformation campaign against halal meat:

Among the charges against the whistle-blower is “using ‘bad judgement’ by criticizing Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and then-presidential candidate Michelle Bachmann on his blog”:

Saleh’s presence, along with top family members and loyalists in the country’s most sensitive positions, has contributed to the inability of the newly inaugurated president to carry out reforms within the ranks of the military” leaving “parts of Yemen, especially in the south, with a security vacuum which al-Qaida militants have exploited”:

Unless defections from Assad’s army match that of the late shah of Iran’s, the Syrian dictator’s fall will be a messy affair that outside military intervention can only make messier:

As a protected minority, many Iranian Jews “are affluent merchants” and the current holder of their guaranteed seat in parliament says, “No matter who dares to attack our country, we will stand against the threats like other Iranian people…. The Iranian Jewish community will stand by their compatriots under any circumstance, forever”:

We still await explanations as to “why police kept intelligence files on innocuous mosque sermons and plans for peaceful protests[,] … why police noted which restaurants served ‘devout’ Muslims, why police maintained lists of Muslims who changed their names or why innocent people attending Friday prayer services were photographed and videotaped”:






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