News and Analysis (5/19/08)

In statements pregnant with hypocrisy, both Bush and Bin Laden slam Arab governments for their authoritarian policies and Israel’s violent repression Muslim Palestinians repectively …

…meanwhile Americans of various political orientations continue to fight Bush’s erosion of domestic civil liberties…

…and Al-Qaeda and its affliates continue perpetrating its bloody crimes against Muslims in the name its ideology:

Palestinian-Americans commemorate the Nakba on the Washington DC Mall, and in 20 other cities nationwide, through a quilt representing each of the 400 villages destroyed in 1948:

Indonesian VP Kalla asserts that Indonesia’s market-oriented growth is stymied by an elite few with strong political ties to the state…

…whereas pushes for necessary privatization of Kuwait’s economy are in question with the newly elected parliament favoring a “cradle-to-grave welfare system”:

Islamabad’s internal fault lines not only hamper a deal on the judges, but resolving issues with New Delhi on Kashmir and the proposed Iran-Pakistan-India oil pipeline:


Alejandro Beutel is program assistant for the Minaret of Freedom Institute with expertise in religious freedom, democratization and security issues.






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