News and Analysis (12/12/19)

“Both women were co-defendants in the prosecution of … a renowned … stem-cell researcher who was arrested last year in the U.S. on charges of arranging the export of human growth factors to” Iran:

A new defense policy drops “a  bipartisan provision requiring the president to get explicit congressional authorization for military action against Tehran”:

UN’s Secretary-General is unable to confirm Saudi claim that Iran is behind the attack on key Saudi’s oil facilities in September:

Regardless of the fact that Islam exhibits a unique religious unity, Islam is practiced around the world with its specific culture, and college offerings ignore this huge global cultural diversity:

A new investigation revealed how elite American intelligence helped Gulf country to spy beyond suspected extremists to include human right activists, journalists, and FIFA personnel:

Muslim advocates warns Mark Zuckerberg about amplified anti-Muslim hate on Facebook:

Gehad El Haddad further remains subjected to extreme conditions after his acquittal and declared innocent by Egyptian court said his family:

The prospect of an Israeli-U.S. defense pact is outrageous especially given that “Israel is one of the most aggressive nations on earth” having aggressed against its neighbors as well as the Palestinians:

Nike vice president Martha Moore started a new and lucrative line of modest swimwear for Muslim women:






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