News and Analysis (5/15/12)

“This is Abu Ghraib by power point and lectern…. What they are talking about is essentially genocide,” of Muslims — Mikey Weinstein, president of the nonprofit Military Religious Freedom Foundation:

“[W]hen it halted the arms deal last year, State Department officials promised to monitor Bahrain’s response to the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI), which investigated the crackdown, when deciding whether to resume the deal. The BICI found evidence of systematic abuse … including torture of protesters”:

“Israel will end solitary confinement for all prisoners and allow around 400 prisoners from Gaza to receive family visits.” Those imprisoned “without charge or trial, the key issue behind the hunger strike[, ]will not have their terms renewed without fresh information or evidence being brought before a military judge”:

“Lehava, the extremist Jewish organization for the prevention of assimilation in the Holy Land, has come up with a new gimmick that is creating a stormy debate on the issue of mixed marriages between Jews and Arabs,” distributing “an imaginary wedding invitation between Michal and her chosen groom, Mohammad”:

“Najafi denied his song focused on the revered Shia imam or was meant to criticise Islam. The song takes the form of a prayer to the ninth century Naqi and expresses ironic reverence for many contemporary Iranian figures [w]ith references ranging from Iranians’ love of nose jobs to economic sanctions and the contested 2009 presidential election”:

After being “nearly wiped out during Syria’s last revolution, during which government forces killed as many as 25,000 people in Hama in 1982”:

“Twenty-four year old Majid Jamali Fashi was hanged at Tehran’s Evin Prison after being sentenced to death in August last year for the murder of Massoud Ali-Mohammadi, Iran’s state news agency quoted the central prosecutor’s office as saying. It said he had confessed to the crime”:

“General Shah knows that he owes his selection to his military background. The community expects him to use baton and toughness to restore discipline, end nepotism and ensure uniform application of laws in the campus. He, however, promised to give priority to students by raising their living standards and ensuring quality education”:

“MI5, which carried out routine security vetting in 2006 for Scotland Yard, warned that he could have visited a training camp—which Mr Rahman vehemently denies. Pc Rahman was never charged, but had his security clearance removed—which effectively made him unemployable as a cop”:

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