News and Analysis (5/20/12)

Iranians are hoping to “reach an agreement and draw up a new framework to answer [IAEA] questions and clear up ambiguities” …

… but some Western diplomats signal they will not accept anything less than the abandonment of Iran’s medical enrichment program:

As Obama uses “the Nato summit to press the Afghan leader Hamid Karzai to engage with greater urgency with the Taliban about a political settlement in Afghanistan” …

… the Taliban, citing recent polling that 69% “of Americans thought the U.S. should not be at war in Afghanistan,” asks how “NATO member countries who claim to be the elected representatives of its people and consider their government the people’s government — by the people, for the people” will “answer the call of their people in this summit?”

“Privately owned Al-Dar newspaper was suspended for three months in March after a court objected to articles supporting Shi’ite Muslim communities and activists in the Sunni Muslim-led states of Kuwait, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia”:

“His death is to be deeply regretted. As someone who attended the trial I have never taken the view that Megrahi was guilty. Megrahi is the 271st victim of Lockerbie” — David Ben-Ayreah, a spokesman for the victims of Lockerbie families:

“Criticized for stiff and sometimes meandering public addresses, Mursi has been described as a Brotherhood functionary rather than a visionary. His speeches are heavy on religious references that reflect his conservative credentials. But he failed to win the support of the Nour Party, the hardline Islamist party which has endorsed Abol Fotouh”:

“A leading Bahraini opposition activist accused of insulting authorities remained in jail on Sunday, despite being granted bail, because he faces a second charge of organizing illegal protests”:

“Report comes after South Africa says only recognizes State of Israel within borders demarcated by UN in 1948; move is in line with U.K. recommendation from 2009”:







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