News and Analysis (12/17/19)

Students abandoned their protests to return to campus when locals joining in turned violent, but Delhi police attacked them on the university campus, beating students and damaging mosques:

According to Al Mayadeen TV, the draft keeps “existing Israeli settlements, as well as isolated settlements, … under Israeli sovereignty” and prohibits Jews and Arabs from buying each other’s homes”:

In the past “security experts have been finding ways around Iranian censors. … This time, though, U.S. sanctions may have inadvertently played into their hands”:

“Shutting down the Internet has become a regular feature of law enforcement in India, which has the distinction of imposing the most blackouts in the world.”:

“Khan said on Tuesday that millions of Muslims could flee India due to the curfew in the disputed territory of Kashmir and India’s new citizenship law, creating ‘a refugee crisis that would dwarf other crises'” …

… Previous SC resolutions include calls for “a plebiscite should be held to determine the future of mostly Muslim Kashmir” and for “Both sides to “refrain from making any statements” or acts to aggravate the situation:

“Announcement comes after Japan PM Shinzo Abe said Tokyo keen to play bigger role in resolving Tehran-Washington impasse.”:

The first conservative to be elected to represent Wakefield in Yorkshire in 78 years is a gay member of the Ahmadiyya movement:

“The Palestinian Archbishop of Jerusalem’s Greek Orthodox Church” urges the world’s Christians to join him in opposing the Israeli occupation and supporting “the Palestinian people and cause”:

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