News and Analysis (6/26/12)

When the NDAA empowered the American military to detain citizens we argued it was unAmerican and when Egypt’s military did the same thing, the Muslim Brotherhood complained it was unIslamic; now the Egyptian courts rule its unEgyptian as well:

Morsi’s announcement that his VPs will be a woman and a Christian before he knows which woman or which Christian indicates he is more concerned about their gender and religion than about their qualifications …

.. but Fawaz Gerges explains that such political pragmatism is only to be expected:

“Activists frequently liken United States statements — condemning violence by both the government and its opponents — to Russia’s on Syria” and as with Russia’s arms sales to Syria, a “senior Obama administration official said last month that the weapons sales would not include arms used for crowd control”:

The German district court found that “freedom of religion and the rights of the parents of the circumcised cannot justify the practice” of circumcision:

Her boss says a bald anchorwoman looks unprofessional and some fanatics find the look sinful, but Ras Adiba, who has relatives and friends victimized by cancer, insists shearing her locks was the compassionate thing to do, “I am answerable to God. Islam is a way of life, and we are told to always help people” and has put on a turban:

The Islamist prime minister’s overruling the secular president’s objections to the extradition underscore different perspectives on human rights concerns:

“Ankara has accused Syrian gunners of targeting a Turkish search-and-rescue plane looking for survivors from the downed jet, and on Tuesday morning the prime minister claimed Syrian helicopters had violated Turkish airspace five times recently without a Turkish response” but NATO is “not considering a collective armed response”:

Kashimiri “separatists rejected the government probe and instead called for an independent investigation. They also called for a general strike on Tuesday”:

“A new study finds that most Germans who oppose Israel’s Palestinian policies are not anti-Semitic, but pro-peace and human rights”:

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