News and Analysis (12/20/19)

On December 20, the united Nations general Assembly called for “permanent sovereignty of Palestinian people in the Occupied Territory, including east Jerusalem.”

Jayapal Pramila is targeted for sponsoring a Congressional resolution “urging India to lift its communications and internet restrictions in Indian-administered Kashmir and preserve religious freedom” …

… as India’s “Internet blackout has made it nearly impossible for journalists to do their jobs” …

… and Pakistan calls on the U.N. independently investigate its claims of India’s border threats:

“[E]ven as he sought a unified voice among Muslim-majority states … several countries – including Saudi Arabia and Pakistan – were absent from the meeting”:

Biden tried to distance himself fro the American failures in Afghanistan, but his “reaction to an accurate pronunciation by a person of color” just underlines the problem:

The assailant’s attorney concedes that the perpetrator was intoxicated at the time:

“[A]n op-ed … in the official PA daily paper … [alleges] that IDF soldiers want Palestinian children to hold needles rather than books or pens … because ‘drug needles kill the soul and lead the users to a stage of helplessness'”:

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