News and Analysis (12/22/19)

Malaysia’s PM said at the end of the Islamic summit on Dec 19 that for Muslim countries to be self-reliant and able to face future economic embargoes, they consider trading in gold through a barter system:

India, Iran, and Afghanistan to open new ports in a new vision for prosperous and economically integrated region of Asia biggest countries:

After five years of a preliminary investigation, the ICC prosecutor announced on Friday the intention to lunch an investigation of war crimes in Palestine:

Six killed in Uttar Pradesh, the northern state of India in the latest anti-citizenship protest on Friday:

Israel’s “Ministry of Strategic Affairs … is really the Ministry of Delegitimization” spending millions of dollars on “dirty tricks” to smear anti-apartheid efforts as anti-Semitic:

She may be known as the Liverpool soccer player, Mohammed Salah’s wife, but the biotechnologist Magi is a mother and charity leader who defies the society stereotypical of Muslim women:

Altaweel, a Muslim citizen, is suing his Raleigh-based company for firing him for requesting time off on Eid, and other discriminatory practices:

Could Nabila Islam, backed by Occupy Democrats, flip Gwinnett-based district held previously by Republican?

U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said on Dec. 19 UN cannot confirm weapons used in Saudi oil facilities attack were Iranian:






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