News and Analysis (8/9/12)

As the Taliban deny reports that they would kill playboy-cricket-star turned Islamist-politician Imran Khan if comes to their home turf  to protest drone attacks, a defender of the potential of drones to reduce collateral damage denies that he ever claimed that potential has been demonstrated  in the current US warfare in the Muslim world:

Although Gaza is suffering from the border closing in the wake of the Sinai attacks …

… “Gaza merchant Abdel Dayem Abu Medain said Thursday he is giving money to the victims’ families ‘to reflect the depth of our relations with Egypt’:

Libya’s “first peaceful transition of power in its modern history … comes amid heightened violence” …

… but unsatisfied with the chaos his intervention into Libya has wreaked on Africa, Sarkozy wants to do the same for the Arab world, as Assad takes back the Salah-al-Din district and Iran tries its hand at the diplomatic route:

Already under pressure in the aftermath of the Sinai violence …

… Morsi is is now taking heat for everything from power outages to press appointments:

Religion is less important to Muslims in the Middle East and North Africa, most Muslims believe there is only one way to interpret Islam but most American Muslims disagree, and 10% of the world’s Muslims are converts:

“The issue of Muslim extremism is a hot topic wrought with potential political pitfalls, and yet here is a guy on the short-list for GOP vice-presidential candidates who is directly confronting the topic in the backyard of his own house”:

A splinter Philippine rebel group’s violent rampage provokes Muslim condemnation and a government crackdown:

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