News and Analysis (8/27/12)

Now that Morsi has appointed a diverse staff …

…. all Morsi needs to do to solve the garbage problem is to repeal Egypt’s secular era-law (inspired by a Swine-flu scare) that prohibits Christians from feeding the garbage to their pigs:

“The All Pakistan Ulema Council, an umbrella group of Muslim clerics and scholars, which includes representatives from fundamentalist groups, joined hands with the Pakistan Interfaith League, which includes Christians, Sikhs and other religions, to call for” release of the girl accused of blasphemy and punishment of those falsely accusing her …

… but the law itself is not only unjust, easily abused, and an embarrassment to the Muslim community, it also contradicts the sunnah (practice) of the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him):

The awesome power of prayer? The government cites a “radical sermon” once given by Lindh as justification  for limiting congregational prayer to Friday, but the ACLU notes that  the sermon in question wasn’t radical, was given on a Friday, and went undisciplined, adding that inmates are allowed to “do basically any peaceful activity except praying” :

“When she was about their age, she had only one ambition: to be the next Britney Spears. But during a trip to Mecca in Saudi Arabia as a teen, the Iranian American experienced an epiphany. At Camp Izza, [Munira Ezzeldine is]  helping those in her wake navigate the often tricky terrain that comes with being both Muslim and American”:

“The killing on Monday of Aboud Rogo fits into a pattern of extrajudicial killings and forced disappearances of suspected terrorists that is allegedly being orchestrated by Kenyan police, say Kenyan human rights groups”:

Human rights grou0ps say perpetrators are rarely punished for the ” rising number of crimes by radical Jewish settlers against Palestinians and their property in the Israeli-occupied West Bank”:

“Neither incident so far has resulted in criminal charges, something that may fail to satisfy Afghan demands for justice”:

“Morsi banned the imprisonment of journalists who face trial for inciting hatred, insulting the president, slander and other related offense” but calling for the murder of the President is a different matter, and the dissident who called for it does not have “the support of the youth and revolutionaries who helped engineer last year’s uprising”:

“An urban area cannot survive without being connected” — Maxwell Gaylard, UN humanitarian chief in Gaza:




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