News and Analysis (12/25/19)

As millions visit Bethlehem for Christmas, 92% of Bethlehem’s 210,000 Palestinians, Christians as well as Muslims, have restricted access and are confined to 13% of the total land with a devastated economy:

A letter to the editor highlights the commonality between Christians and Muslims and shows Prophet Jesus as the strong connection that bind the two Abrahamic faiths, while recognizing extremist elements on both sides:

Rep. Pramila Jayapal is “proud to have lived my life in two of the world’s great democracies” and won’t let the head of the world’s largest democracy dictate to the Congress of the world’s oldest democracy:

“For 776 days, Saudi Arabia has railroaded a US citizen and has confined him and his family to the country like hostages” — Mohamed Soltan, leader of the Freedom Initiative:

The born again Muslim millennial movement in Indonesia, showing much interest in religious studies, worries proponents of moderate tradition:

A Muslim woman who was arrested in Minnesota for failing to pay traffic violation is awarded $120,000 by the court for being forced to remove her headscarf for a mugshot:

Trump distracted global policy is pushing Russia, China, and Iran to form a new alliance in the region with the probability other countries like Pakistan to join:

As reports that Iran is expanding its Internet crackdown emerge, a spokesman for its Guardian Council insists that the country discriminate between legitimate dissent and “sabotage”:

“The Buddhist-majority state has been locked in a simmering conflict with Malay-Muslim militants in Thailand’s south for 15 years with rebels fighting for more autonomy “:






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