News and Analysis (8/30-31/08)

U.S. and Afghanistan will jointly investigate the persisting disagreement over the number of civilian deaths from the coalition strike:

An ominous sign as the sides are deadlocked over key issues:

Seemingly oblivious to the irony, Hamas threatens doctors protesting “the politically motivated firing of at least 50 doctors and administrators,” asserting, “No one … will be allowed to sabotage the [health] security of Gaza’s citizens:”

After recent strike, Pakistan vows to stop offensives during Ramadan and Taliban vows that they won’t:

In Ramadan gesture, Egypt open access to the Gaza strip, while Israel, despite pressure from Rice, still prevents over 90% of Fulbright scholars from leaving Gaza:

An American reporter in Egypt takes takes a superficial look at the intersection of religion and science regarding the beginning of Ramadan:

Rumors over responsibility for militants’ death bodes greater regional instability:

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