News and Analysis (9/26/12)

“Siemens said its nuclear division had done no business with Iran since the 1979 Islamic Revolution, suggesting that the Iranians, who are prohibited from buying nuclear equipment under United Nations sanctions, bought the booby-trapped equipment from third parties”:

“In view of [developments in Syria], I think it is better for the Arab countries themselves to interfere out of their national, humanitarian, political and military duties and do what is necessary to stop the bloodshed in Syria” – Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa al-Thani of Qatar:

After “mixing blustery rhetoric with conciliatory remarks” to the press …

… at the U.N., Ahmadinejad calls for “a just and fair order in which everybody is equal before the law and in which there is no double standard” …

… while back home, repression hits even those close to him:

“A spokesman for Egypt’s President Mohammed Morsi said Wednesday that there is currently no need to amend the peace treaty with Israel, despite calls in Cairo to revise the 1979 accord to allow the country to beef up its presence in the Sinai Peninsula to combat militants there, the state news agency reported”:

“A statement from the judiciary … did not give the basis of their appeals, but said these would be heard quickly in open court. The judge’s ruling guarantees further publicity in a case which has gripped the British media and even dragged in Britain’s Queen Elizabeth”:

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