News and Analysis (9/20/08 – 9/21/08)

More secular and more efficient, focused on fighting foreigners, the Taliban “forces operate in virtually every province and control many districts in areas ringing the capital:”

Devastating terrorist attack in Islamabad increases pressure on Pakistani government…

… but Pakistan’s president vows to protect Pakistani sovereignty while rooting out terrorism:

“Originality is scarce” as advertisers cash in during holy month of Ramadan:

Some Muslim first ladies are returning to the role model provided by Hazrat Aisha:

Iranian President and “Supreme Leader” differ on whether Israeli government or people are to blame for the plight of the Palestinians:

Perhaps the most daunting task of rebuilding Iraq, Humoud Yakobi “is charged with attracting foreign visitors to his beleaguered country”:

Approval to construct a mosque in Cologne spurs anti-Islamic sentiment:


Minaret of Freedom Institute Program Assistant






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