News and Analysis (11/5/12)

Noting that Mitt is Romney’s middle name, Barak Hussein Obama jokes,  “I wish I could use my middle name.” Although “many more Muslims voted for Bush than Al Gore” in 2000, the tendency of Republican candidates to resort to inflammatory language against Muslims to pander to their base “may come back to bite them”:

“[T]he one single issue unites both Arab and Muslim Americans is how the president of the United States deals with the Arab Israeli conflict and whether he can or cannot implement the U.S. policy position of having a two-state solution in Israel and Palestine”:

“Despite never having been charged with any crime, an Air Force veteran is effectively exiled from his own country”:

Although he is 60, the new Coptic pope’s stress on “the importance of listening to young people and including them in the decision making processes” puts him on the right side of an Egyptian generational divide ultimately more significant that the sectarian split between his church and the newly elected Islamists:

“Iranian actresses, when participating in international events, are faced with the dilemma of appearing in Muslim clothing in a western setting or opting for more revealing attire, which can lead to complications when they return home”:

As a “suicide car bomber killed at least 50 Syrian security men in Hama province on Monday … in what would be one of the bloodiest single attacks on President Bashar al-Assad’s forces in the 20-month-old uprising”:

“Within a day after the Friday broadcast of the interview, Palestinians in [Hamas controlled] Gaza … burned posters of Mr. Abbas which were labeled as ‘traitor,’ and Mr. Abbas was forced to do damage control by telling Arabic language newspapers that he had only spoken on a personal level and there had been no change in the Palestinian position”:

“Channel 2’s disclosures came as a respected Israeli thinktank” published a scenario of a war game simulation outcome in which “Israel does not inform the US of its operation until after its launch. Iran reacts by launching around 200 missiles at Israel, and urging its proxies Hezbollah and Hamas to do likewise” but carefully avoids any US targets:

“Fresh reports from witnesses and victims of communal violence in western Myanmar indicate that tensions have spread beyond the earlier conflict between Rakhine Buddhists and Rohingya Muslims to target other Muslim groups”:

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