News and Analysis (1/5/20)

More than seventy protests across America planned by Act Now and other organizations have been planned to protest Trump policies and US presence in the Middle East …

… as a discredited FBI sting operation is floated as evidence of al-Quds force plans to target diplomats and as the U.S. VP joins in spreading disinformation …

… and the U.S. President continues, in the words of Alain Gabon, to be “a bad cop-good cop all by himself” …

… prompting enough concerns that young men may be drafted (women are still exempt) that the Selective Service website experienced disruptions due to high volume:

Former CIA analyst calls peace-time assassination “a dangerous tool, especially when used in the conduct of foreign policy against top-ranking foreign officials”:

Among the numerous issues plaguing Palestinians due to the Israeli illegal siege includes 49% of Gaza’s children consuming the undrinkable water of Gaza:

The victim, “who is a foreign exchange student from Saudi Arabia, said she now wears a hat to cover her head because she doesn’t feel safe wearing a hijab in public”:

Archbishop Atallah Hanna equates Palestinians’ struggle to South Africa’s anti-apartheid; Israel considers his peaceful struggle problematic and it has made him a target:

Would Iran hit back at U.S. relying on its regional allies without alienating the European interest in protecting the nuclear deal?

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