News and Analysis (11/23/12)

The fragile Gaza truce is holding so far despite accusations of violations on both sides …

… providing political capital to both Hamas and Morsi, but the latter risks his by exempting his edicts from appeal and threatening his enemies with double jeopardy, provoking arson at FJP headquarters and chants of “Morsi  is Mubarak”:

Timur Kuran argues that economic stagnation of the Middle East is due not to some “incompatibility between Islam and capitalism but laws covering business partnerships and inheritance practices” that have impeded “private capital accumulation, corporations, large-scale production and impersonal exchange”:

“After visiting soup kitchens and homeless shelters to feed hungry people, Jewish and Muslim volunteers in these cities gather for learning/networking events at which they celebrate together the common moral imperative in our two faiths to feed the hungry and help those most in need”:

“A group of organizations led by Students Islamic Organization of India (SIO) planned a nationwide protest on Friday, November 23” charging that “the bid to arrest youths under concocted charges in different parts of the country seems to be part of a planned conspiracy to defame Muslims, tarnish their image before the masses”:

Failing to stop a suicide bomber from crossing police lines, the Pakistanis resort to a cutoff of cell phones:

“More than 4,000 people paid 1 euro ($1.30) to watch the game in the central town of Zenica on Wednesday night, cheering “Bosnia, Bosnia” and celebrating whoever scored”:

When does “free speech” cross the lne into “incitement”?

Despite the fact that France has neither “legalized same-sex marriage … [nor] been open to accepting Islamic practices,” Mohammed Ludovic Lutfi Zahed was inspired by his pilgrimage to Mecca to open a French mosque where gays could be married:

“Rights groups say the Ethiopian government provoked the protests by trying to impose a specific interpretation of Islam”:






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