News and Analysis (11/25/12)

Mursi’s claim that “temporarily” granting himself Draconian authority will save Egypt’s fledgling democracy leads to threatened strikes by judges and journalists, rival demonstrations, a stock market fall, and death …

… while “several prominent opposition leaders, including Nobel Peace Prize winner Mohamed elBaradei, have said they will not engage in dialogue with the president until he rescinds the measure, known as the constitutional declaration.”:

Israel makes good on its promise to ease restrictions, allowing fisherman to fish, farmers to farm, Hamas to rearm, and the people to rebuild:

Visitors ” discover that many of the inventions are familiar, and some of them we still use today” such as “soap, toothbrushes, pens and … coffee”:

Critics charge that the emir’s plan to reduce the number of votes from four to one is aimed at weakening an opposition “coalition of youth groups, disgruntled tribes and Islamists”:

In an Ashura message Nasrullah warns Israel not to think it con abuse Lebanon as it has Gaza with impunity:

“The public remains divided …,: according to the Pew Research Center, which noted that about 40 percent of Americans thought Islam is more likely to encourage violence; 42 percent said it is not”:

Obama will :give speeches about how cool he thinks we are ….. But then he authorized close to 300 drone strikes in Pakistan, almost six times more than George W. Bush authorized in his 8 years in office”:






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