News and Analysis (1/10/20)

Two of Trump’s Senate allies have criticized the administration briefing on Soleimani killing, charging that it provided no evidence of an imminent attack, and it dismissed Congress’s role in military actions …

… and reports confirm that Soleimani didn’t pose an imminent threat, but the timing of the strike suggests that Trump may have had the impeachment in his mind:

President Rouhani acknowledges the responsibility of the tragic downing of the Ukraine plane, blaming human error, evoking memories a similar tragic mistake made by U.S. in 1988:

“What happened is inexcusable. Jeopardy should apologise and give a clear explanation. This shouldn’t just pass calmly and be forgotten” — “Omar Ghraieb, a Palestinian writer based in Gaza:

The rapid escalation between Iran and US change the Gulf’s hostile relationship with Iran; countries in the region see no coherence in American policy according to Dalia Dassa Kaye of Rand Cooperation:

During a joint press conference with Russia on Saturday, Merkel pressed for preserving the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran, and urged all parties to respect the JCPOA multilateral agreement:

“The comments appear to downplay speculation that Iraqi militias would attack US interests in Iraq or that Lebanese Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah, would try to attack Israel”:

In a rare policy agreement between the two presidential candidates, Warner and Sanders take the same position on Soleimani killing and the US foreign policy with Tehran:

“We agreed that we should do anything to preserve the deal, the JCPOA. Germany is convinced that Iran should not acquire or have nuclear weapons”:

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