News and Analysis (1/19/20)

Two federal complaints have been filed against a peaceful pro-Palestinians event at UCLA on Israel violence against the Palestinians; the UCLA’s investigation found no wrongdoing:

South Dakota has become the 28th state to pass legislation to suppress the Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions (BDS) movement aimed pressuring Israel to comply with the international law …

… just as UN experts express concern that Germany’s condemnation of the movement “may hinder the peaceful activities of human rights defenders, groups and organisations denouncing human rights violations” …

… and Republicans in Congress try to frame the legislation supporting illegal Israeli settlements as a fight against anti-Semitism:

“At the request of the Ukrainian authorities, the black boxes of the Ukrainian downed jet will not be read in Iran, but instead will be transferred to Ukraine for analysis and reading” …

… as Russia’s FM opines that Iran may have been spooked by fears that the U.S. was preparing to attack:

Rebel Libyan Field Marshall Khalifa Haftar’s refusal to sign a cease-fire underlines the proxy war in Libya waged by the UAE, Turkey and Qatar:

The killing of Gen. Soleimani has undermined US influence and support in Iraq and the Middle East:

Iran’s economy is hurting, yet “predictions of a quick economic collapse” have not come to pass because “Iran isn’t solely reliant on oil” and has been able to leverage the economic relationship with regional countries:






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