News and Analysis (1/22/20)

The debt crises of 2007 created a conflict in Greece political system, and the rise of right-wing anti-immigrant government waging war on immigrants and the Exarchia autonomous movement:

A study unveils Saudi Arabia’s spy warfare surveillance on critics of the regime as part of the government’s effort to control the social media narrative:

Refugees are the most thoroughly screened category of people entering the US and statistically pose no threat of terrorism, yet they are threatened at home country and in the US:

Following the pattern of the Muslim ban, a student from Iran was denied entry because of an alleged family connection to a terrorist organization, but law enforcement did not cite any connection to the student himself:

ISIS’s pleasure with the assassination of Gen. Soleimani underscores Iran’s role in the fight against the terrorist group that has been buried by Israeli and Trump administration propaganda:

Israel calls his sermons “incitement” but the popular preacher says the Israeli government is “angered to see … the huge crowds” he draws:

The author of “Paradigm Lost: From Two-State Solution to One-State Reality” says that “Israel has moved too far to the right for the government to implement a solution agreeable to Palestinians”:

“Indonesia and other countries expressed clear frustration over Israel’s apparent dismissal of peace efforts in its conflict with Palestine, after” Israeli and American UNSC representatives try to change the subject:

Withdrawal from the nuclear agreement and sanctions on Iran are not fulfilling their stated objectives, as Iran restarts its nuclear program and expands its role as a regional power:

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