News and Analysis (1/25/2020)

As the casualty count form the Iranian reprisal against the Soleimani assassination rises, Trump downplays the injuries as “headaches” not “very serious injuries relative to other injuries I have seen”:

Christian Indians protested against the citizenship law that discriminates against Muslims:

… as India contemplates taking a page from China:

One bit of code hidden in the 4.4 megabytes file sent to Jeff Bezos on May 1, 2018 gave hackers access to the Amazon CEO iPhone X:

Selecting occupied Jerusalem for a meeting to remember Holocaust and oppose anti-Semitism is an exercise in hypocrisy:

The order states, “It appears that but for Mr. and Mrs. X’s perceived religion, Delta would not have removed or denied them re-boarding”:

Notwithstanding Middle Eastern states influence, it is doubtful the new Omani leader will break Muscat’s strong ties with Tehran and its cooperation with Iran on many regional issues:

“[T]he cryptocurrency industry is proving more nimble than the enforcers of sanctions”:

Imran Khan warns that a US war with Iran will be a much more difficult than Afghanistan’s, and disastrous for the Gulf countries …

… and peace activists are holding a global day in many major US cities to protest endless aggression in the Middle East, now the customer for hugely profitable US arms exports:

Palestinians reject the Kushner plan and are excluded from the invitation to Washington to discuss it:

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