News and Analysis (1/27/20)

The “Deal of the Century” is about Israeli and American domestic politics and undermines hope for Israeli-Palestinian peace:

India will limit Kashmitis access to 300 sites of which they approve, leaving most of the Internet blacked out despite a court order that “indefinite internet shutdowns are against the telecom rules of the country”:

“Human rights activists say increase in fighting in Libya places refugees and migrants in the line of fire”:

Iran announces that it will not abandon its uranium enrichment, and will not negotiate while under sanctions:

As the killing of Gen. Soleimani has led to fears of military escalation between US and Iran, people across the world protest a possible war:

The Soleimani assassination may have an impact on Iranian domestic politics as well …

… where the “hardline Guardians Council … has disqualified about 9,000 of the 14,000 who registered to run in the elections. Moderates say in most cities they have no candidates to enter the race”:

Locals say the Iraqi army’s 8th Division in Qaim fears the Iran-linked PMU, but the head of the PMU there says that the Iraqi army is “entirely under US control” and the Defense Ministry needs US approval for any decision:






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