News and Analysis (1/30/20)

Trump plan summary: “1) Palestinians get the trappings of statehood but no state whatsoever 2) Israel will maintain all security control, including over coastal waters, airspace, electromagnetic spectrum and everything” …

… and condemnation of the plan is widespread ranging from Iran’s FM to a leading America neoconservative voice:

Jared Kushner’s contempt for the Palestinians …

… proves that he doesn’t understand that “Palestinians are not striving to improve the conditions of their imprisonment, we want the return of our refugees and the end of the occupation”:

After Trump’s expansion of his travel ban, the House of Representative introduces the No Ban Act to repeal the discriminatory Muslim Ban and limit the president from future religious restrictions:

Senators emerged from an Iran briefing Tuesday frustrated by what they described as the Trump administration’s persistent unwillingness to engage Congress on military decisions …

… while Republicans, desperate to defend Trump’s unconstitutional war-making, pretend the Democrats use of traditional tactics are some kind of precedent:

The number keeps rising:

According to Quora moderators, “[I]f you write a lot of content that is anti-Zionist and then call out people for being Zionists, then you’re using this term in a pejorative way with the intent to derogatorily label that person”:

Contemporary Muslim Fashions at the Young Museum could make a global turning point in fashion:






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