News and Analysis (2/7/20)

“Iraqi military and intelligence officials … believe it is unlikely that the militia the United States blamed for the attack, Khataib Hezbollah, carried it out.” They blame ISIS:

Use of the law that “allows detention without trial for up to two years” against mainstream elected legislators takes the crackdown on protests of India’s removal of Kashmir’s autonomy to a shocking new level …

… but the Saudis remain unmoved:

Bahabah, who was born in a refugee camp, deconstructs Trump’s plan and illuminates the language used to discriminate against Palestinians and gives Israel all it wants:

In the wake of the Kushner Plan announcement, Israelis go on a rampage:

“Through interfaith discussions, Muslim communities have gained knowledge and help from their Jewish neighbors on how to continue practicing cultural traditions”:

“Iran announced after the Soleimani strike that it would abandon its commitments under the nuclear deal …. [but] stopped short of expelling IAEA inspectors from the country”:

“The Sana news agency said air defences intercepted most of the missiles, but that eight people were wounded”:

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