News and Analysis (2/9/20)

In a serious escalation in the West Bank, two teens and a Palestinian Authority policeman were killed by Israeli soldier on the last 24 hours:

Two convicted Killers of the Palestinian activist Alexander Odeh in 1985 in California are living free in Israel and continue to practice their work with the Israeli far- right:

UN statistics confirm Israeli violence against Palestinians far outpaces the reverse since the Kushner Plan (fatalities 4-0; injuries 352-3):

The resource curse on Arab countries: the struggle between authoritarian regimes, oil control, and the aspiration for democracy:

After the UK has left EU, Jonson is bonding with Trump: will his thinking about Iran nuclear deal align with Trump?

“Many in Indian-administered Kashmir believe Guru did not receive a fair trial, and the covert execution led to days of deadly anti-India protests in the Muslim-majority region, where anti-India sentiment runs deep”:

California Rep. Ro Khanna backs Nabila Islam, one of six democratic candidates for seat of Georgia:

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