News and Analysis (2/11/20)

Kamal’s latest book sheds light on the problem of imitative traditions opposed to deriving Islamic rulings from divine sources to address our contemporary realities:

The number of casualties keeps rising:

Pressed on the issue, Yang takes back his campaign’s assertion that Israel should obey international law, and humbly thanks those who called him out for his departure from the Israeli party line:

With four Republicans on board already, both the bill’s Democratic sponsor “and the chief Senate Republican vote counter … suggested Democrats could pick up additional GOP votes, depending on the final language”:

Leaders of a Long Island Islamic Center and the Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County “opened a joint exhibit Sunday called Never Again is Happening Again: The Persecution of Muslims in Asia”:

On Sunday, thousands of people including political leaders marched in Morocco to oppose Trump’s peace plan, and condemn Moroccan Foreign Minister for approving the plan:

After sanction, Iran and India are trading through rupee-based bank, Iran has become the biggest buyer of Indian tea:

Israeli interrogators left one man with “kidney failure and 11 broken ribs,” another “nearly unrecognizable to his wife when he was wheeled” into court and a third “stitched up after being attacked by a security dog”:

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