News and Analysis (2/14/20)

“Palestinian leader Mustafa Barghouti said the report provides critical information that shows these companies are willfully operating their businesses in violation of international laws:

The UAE Foreign Minister, urges on Tuesday reaching a political solution and de-escalation with Iran:

“[T]hanks to never-ending violence and oppression, we hardly attend school”:

Trump pushes Sudan for normalizing ties with Israel by offering incentives in an effort to counter Iran:

Thousands of women have been protesting every day since India passed the Citizenship Act:

After the killing of Gen. Soleimani last month, Senate, on Thursday, passed war resolution to curb Trump unilateral authority to go to war with Iran:

Mnuchin’s comments suggests that “if the Trump administration is trying to starve the Iranian regime into submission, bitcoin (BTC) may give the Islamic Republic a lifeline”:

“[M]oderates and reformists have championed improved ties with the West and expanded social freedoms, but they suffered major setbacks since President Donald Trump’s election” …

… and now confront Iran’s Revolutionary Guard moving into propaganda by funding “reality shows, comedies, documentaries and feature length films”:

Abbas and Netanyahu’s opposing positions on the Kushner plan underscore that it would conclude any peace process with a formalization of apartheid:

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