News and Analysis (2/19/20)

Bloomberg’s apologies for his stop-and-frisk program ring hollow absent apologies for his Stazi-style surveillance on Muslims:

India cracks down on Virtual Private Networks and journalists:

A Kokomo councilman Greg Jones resigned Jan. 17 over Islamophobic comments; now, his successor Roger Stewart is under fire for anti-Muslim post:

In response to criticism about Iran coming parliamentary election, Spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry said that US must focus on fixing their electoral fraud system:

By adopting China surveillance system and controlled media, Pakistan insults as well as injures Islamic prohibitions on spying:

“In pushing for regime collapse in Iran, US officials should at least be aware of what they’re courting. Even if their policy is successful, it could be more disastrous than what they’ve ever imagined”:

Macron wants “to end practice allowing foreign imams to teach French Muslims, saying Turkey is yet to accept rules”:

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