News and Analysis (2/29/20)

A lawsuit filed against Netanyahu and Trump and key members his administration equates their crimes against Palestinian to the U.S. treatment of the Indigenous Americans and African slaves in America:

The now cancelled course “was not only racist and bigoted, but it also had a lot of misinformation about Arabs and Muslims,” but “factually incorrect and based on anti-Muslim propaganda”:

Women describe the anti-Muslim violence in Delhi …

… while neighboring Pakistan’s Imran Khan warned he will not tolerate harm to his country’s religious minorities, in contrast to Modi’s “vague plea for ‘calm’ and ‘normalcy'”:

An “[e]xtraordinary decision stops foreigners from visiting Islam’s holiest sites as Middle East reports 220 confirmed cases”:

An Israeli official told Newsweek, on Friday, of Israel’s strike plan to preempt Hezbollah capabilities and to pressure Iran, Iran warns of severe retaliation:

The “move [is] meant to counter criticism of Washington’s economic pressure campaign while opening the way for the release of Americans detained by Tehran”:

While Bloomberg defends his surveillance state policies on grounds that Americans were “petrified” of another terrorist attack after 9/11 …

… more young Muslim young voters see Sanders as their ammu, an uncle empathetic to the victimized after he stood up to the Israeli lobby:

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